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Flexible hours

Work when you want, around your schedule.
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Enjoy consistent pay, plus tips!
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Sustain the community

Help local businesses thrive and residents get what they need.


Great food

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Driver requirements

  1. Valid driver’s license
  2. Reliable vehicle with insurance
  3. Good driving record
  4. Fix Android or iPhone
  5. Be detail oriented
  6. Good communication skills
  7. Professional & clean appearance

What Our Drivers Say:

"Driving with NOW has given me freedom and a consistent income. Plus, I love the positive vibes from customers!" - Fran, Asturias, Spain.

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Driver Registration and Setup

Driver registers with NOW individually or a third-party delivery platform associated with the platform in the different local areas. Driver provides necessary details such as personal information, vehicle details (if applicable), and bank account or payment details for receiving payment.

Receiving Delivery Requests

The delivery service receives notifications for delivery requests through the platform's app and reviews order details including pickup location, destination, and any special instructions.

Accepting a Delivery

The driver accepts the delivery request through the app, often on a first-come, first-served basis or based on proximity to the pickup location. If required the driver coordinator can reassign as needed.

Pickup Process

The driver travels to the store or warehouse to pick up the order. Then verifies the order items against the provided list to ensure accuracy and completeness. And then securily loads items for transportation.

Transit to Delivery Destination

The driver uses GPS or the app’s navigation system for the best route to the delivery destination. If there are special handling requirements (e.g., for fragile items), these are taken into account during transit.

Delivery to the Customer

The customer is notified via the app when the delivery service is close to the delivery address. The delivery is made to the customer, following any specific delivery instructions (e.g., contactless delivery).

Confirmation and Feedback

The delivery service confirms the delivery in the app, which notifies the marketplace that the order has been completed. Customers may be prompted to rate the delivery service, and this feedback can affect the delivery service's ratings and future opportunities.

Payment for Delivery

If not paid through the platform, the delivery service receives payment for the delivery, through customer payment in cash or with a credit card.

Ready for Next Delivery

After completing a delivery, the delivery service updates their availability for new orders. If required, any regular maintenance of the vehicle and staying updated with platform policies ensure ongoing eligibility for delivery requests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us if you cannot find an answer to your question.

To become a rider, you usually need to sign up on the platform's website or app. There may be specific requirements like having a valid driver's license, a reliable mode of transportation, and passing a background check.

NOW compensation for riders typically includes an hourly rate or a base fee for each delivery, additional incentives for peak hours or busy areas, and tips from customers. The marketplace logistics manager will provide detailed information about the payment structure and frequency.

As a rider, you have the flexibility to choose your working hours. NOW offers a scheduling feature where you can set your availability in advance or sign up for available shifts.

If you encounter any issues with an order, such as missing items, damaged goods, or incorrect addresses, you can contact NOW's support team in the app. They will guide you on the appropriate steps to resolve the problem.

In situations where you're unable to complete a delivery, it's best to notify the customer support team promptly. They will assist you in finding a suitable solution, such as reassigning the order to another available rider.

If you encounter any problems or have concerns regarding a customer or fellow rider, you should report it to the marketplace's support team. They will investigate the issue and take appropriate action.


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